Outsourcing Manufacture to PolandWe offer our clients hassle free manufacturing outsourcing in Poland. Our activities include putting work out for quotation, placing orders, supervising the manufacturing process, quality control and organising shipment to the customers.

Our experienced engineers will control this process at each stage to make sure orders are delivered on time and to the highest quality. Should any issues arise we will make sure that key decisions are made before and during the manufacturing process, not after.

Our standard working procedure includes:

  • Defining the best manufacturing method for parts according to drawings provided, specification and quantity.
  • Selection of potential suppliers with the necessary technical background and skilled personnel.
  • If none of our existing suppliers meet the above criteria, we will extend the search to find those that do.
  • Submitting RFQs for all required manufacturing operations, communicating and negotiating with suppliers on your behalf.
  • Following consultation with you regarding suitable quotations, placing orders and managing order process.
  • Supervising the manufacturing process by inspecting parts, keeping you updated regarding progress and expected delivery.
  • Assist with organisation of delivery to the customer.

Our current supplier list and areas of expertise include:

CNC laser and Water Jet cutting of sheet-metals and steel sections
Sheetmetal and steel sections folding
Welding & Fabrication
CNC Machining
Surface Finishing

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