Outsourcing manufacture of parts overseas can be very beneficial and relatively easy for companies with large resources and procurement teams, but carries risks that may be an obstacle to small and medium sized companies. The distance and language barrier are always an issue, and can lead to misunderstandings that prove very costly further down the line. Errors on even the smallest parts can cause huge problems during assembly or upon delivery to the end customer.

As an independent company representing the our customers we will minimise the risk connected with ordering parts abroad. We strive to ensure that all parts procured through RAF Manufacturing are delivered right first time, and on time. By allowing us to take care of the supply chain in Poland, you can focus on maximising the profitability of your business.

We ensure that your intellectual property is treated with utmost care, and you can take advantage of the lower overhead costs associated with manufacturing in Poland, whilst also maintaining accepted standards governed by EU regulations.



  • Cost Reduction

    Take advantage of reduced labour and operational costs without reducing quality, with savings typically 30-40%.

  • Time Saving

    We do the time consuming work so you don’t have to. Our wide range of trusted suppliers means we aren’t restricted by capacity or workload.

  • Quality Assurance

    Using only trusted and experienced Polish suppliers, we apply stringent quality procedures during and after manufacture.

  • Minimised Risk

    Eliminate the risks associated with outsourcing manufacture overseas by leaving the difficult parts to us.

  • Professional Representation

    With qualified and experienced engineers who speak English and Polish, you can be sure of professional and effective communication throughout the supply chain.

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