What We Do We offer a complete service for outsourcing manufacture of machined parts in Poland

  • Design Engineering

    We specialise in design engineering for the industrial and automotive sectors. Our design service covers everything from concept to manufacturing drawings. With a range of software and resources at our disposal, we will tailor our services to match the requirements of our clients, and the project at hand.

  • Manufacturing

    We use a range of approved suppliers in Poland to provide competitive quotations, before placing orders and managing the supply chain. During the manufacturing process we will visit suppliers on your behalf, keeping you updated and helping to organise shipment when the goods are ready. Our experienced engineers will make sure that parts and manufacturing processes are specified correctly, first time, ensuring your expectations are met.

  • Quality Control

    All of our suppliers are audited and selected based on the standard of their work. We will apply stringent quality control procedures during and after the manufacturing process, using only the best inspection equipment. We will check 20% of your order as standard, and full inspection sheets and documentation can also be provided when you use our services.


Why choose us With RAF Manufacturing, outsourcing manufacture to Poland is simple and has a number of advantages:

  • Cost Reduction

    Take advantage of reduced labour and operational costs without reducing quality, with savings typically 30-40%.

  • Time Saving

    We do the time consuming work so you don’t have to. Our wide range of trusted suppliers means we aren’t restricted by capacity or workload.

  • Quality Assurance

    Using only trusted and experienced Polish suppliers, we apply stringent quality procedures during and after manufacture.

  • Minimised Risk

    Eliminate the risks associated with outsourcing manufacture overseas by leaving the difficult parts to us.

  • Professional Representation

    With qualified and experienced engineers who speak English and Polish, you can be sure of professional and effective communication throughout the supply chain.

RAF Manufacturing

We specialise in machined parts (milled and turned), sheet metal bending and weldments. We also work with foundries, paint shops and companies providing galvanising, chroming and other finishing processes.

RAF Manufacturing 5 years of engineering experience